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The Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi'an
Sep 22, 2016 14:31 | jeremychan | Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
It’s the main reason why travellers from all over the world pack their bags and venture into Xi’an. It’s captured the imagination of millions and rightfully put Xi’an on the world map. In other words, your trip will not be complete without a day spent here. The Terra Cotta Army. It's located at the ..
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Chillin' in Xi'an - City Wall, Drum Tower and Bell Tower
Sep 19, 2016 16:18 | jeremychan | Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Xi’an and if you’re lucky they’ll have heard of the Terra Cotta Army. Though it usually stops there.What they don’t know is that the city of Xi’an houses a myriad of interesting temples, walls, artifacts, monuments and national treasures. This treasure of a wall in pa ..
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Xi'an - The Muslim Quarter
Sep 05, 2016 14:36 | jeremychan | Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Xi’an. Home to over 22 million people, this old city is the capital of the Shaanxi. A five-day trip into this mysterious place opened my eyes and forever changed my outlook on China. This is the the tale of what we saw and experienced, starting with the first day.The alluring scent of barbecued lam ..