Pink Dolphins in Qinzhou

2014-12-08 15:45:57   |   heilong   |   Qinzhou, Guangxi, China

Qinzhou is a beautiful city in Guangxi, but it is tucked away near the coast, which makes it a little difficult to reach, and thus, not brimming with tourists. My first day in Qinzhou was possibly the best as I was able to go to Sanniang Bay. The bay is a haven of beaches, palm trees and restaurants. The beach areas remain very clean and I decided that I’d take a boat ride out to sea to see some dolphins up-close. I wasn’t expecting the little, open-air boat to be as quick as it was. Our boat captain seemed to be quite eager to make everyone on board cling onto the sides of the boat for dear life as we crested wave after wave at insane speeds. Each wave left us airborne for a brief second before landing hard on our bottoms. The trip was extremely enjoyable in hindsight, but a little nerve wracking at the time. We eventually slowed down with land fading behind us and saw shoals of fish jumping over the surface of the waves and then, to our astonishment, a small pod of dolphin chasing in pursuit. The dolphins were inquisitive and playful. They were unafraid of our boat and came remarkably close quite a few times. The boat captain was careful to make sure the dolphins had departed before starting his engine and gunning it back to shore.

The second day was spent in Dalu ancient village. The village is surrounded by water and mountains. It has an almost palpable feeling of age and importance to it. Craftsmen in the village were hand-cutting wood and lacquering it to replace broken and old wooden pieces in the various houses and temples of the village. There were interesting gardens, ancestral halls and temples. There was actually also some great local food that was pretty cheap and authentic. By the end of the day, the village had yielded several secrets and the local folk were very kind and helpful, to boot.

The third, and final day was spent at Beibu Bay. This was a great place to bird-watch as the waters of the bay were teeming with different bird species. Locals claimed that this was heaven for migratory birds and that almost every season had a different species of bird coming to roost here. I’m not sure how true that is, but certainly when I visited, the place was filled with different type of birds. It was really fascinating to watch the birds flying about and relaxing on the water.

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